What is AppMakr?

AppMakr is a do-it-yourself app creation platform that lets anyone make your own iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile formatted websites —with no coding required.

Who can use AppMakr?

We believe in apps for everyone, and we mean it. Anyone with content to share can make an app for an easy and effective way of reaching their audience. Be it bloggers, musicians, small businesses, publishers, non-profits, you name it. If you’ve got content to share, there’s an app to be made with it.

Why should I use AppMakr?

  • It’s simple: Traditionally, creating an app from scratch required a lot of man hours, money ...and often an engineering degree. AppMakr has taken care of the complicated parts to give you a code-free solution to making your own native app, in just minutes.

  • It’s jam-packed with features: Between built-in notifications, HTML 5 functionality, native high-resolution photo galleries, branding and design customization, live updates and more, you’ll be able to make a robust, high quality mobile app to show off your awesome content.

  • It’s affordable: You can make as many apps as you want, with unlimited updates. If you want more features and greater customization, you can upgrade at any time to one of our affordable paid versions, which is far less than the thousands of dollars it costs to have an iPhone developer make an app for you.

  • It’s Cross-Platform: In the “old days” the only way how to create an Android App and an iPhone app was to hire a mobile developer for each. The AppMakr platform let’s you instantly publish a fully custom Android App, and simultaneously submit a native iPhone app version to the iTunes App Store - with a single click.

  • It’s the best way to display your content: An app lets you reach your user base instantly, delivering the most up-to-date content to the palm of their hand. By taking advantage of the features and functionality of the AppMakr platform, you can engage your audience anytime, anywhere, with a rich mobile experience.

Control Apps Through Your Dashboard

Keep track of all of your apps (why make just one?) in one place, and easily access them to make changes and updates. You can also send push notifications to your users, see your app messages and update your feeds with a few simple clicks.

Customize Your App’s Look and Functionality

Upload custom icons, splash screen images and backgrounds for your main menu page. Choose your own main menu layout—to give your app a little more flavor.

Have a brand or business that you’re making an app for? Match your color scheme and place a customized background with your logo on each page in your app for consistent brand presence.

Here, you can also choose what type of navigation, sharing and advanced features your app has. Make it as robust or simple as you like, and take advantage of the commenting and sharing system, powered by Socialize, to foster an in-app community.

Add Content to Your App With Tabs

Populate your app with rich features such as your blogs, latest news and article feeds, photo galleries and videos. There are interactive options like message boards, live chat rooms, and classified ads. Complete in-app mCommerce through the Catalog function the bookshelf and the music library, all of which help you to earn by monetizing your app. There’s even a fully customizable HTML 5 tab that we like to call a “blank slate”—it’s functionality is totally up to you.

The layout of your app is up to you, and you can add as many tabs as you want. There are countless ways to display your content.

Preview Your App in Real Time:

Experiment and play with your app on your mobile device in real-time with our Live Preview function. There’s no need to guess at how your app might look on different devices, or to fool around with some half-hearted emulator. You can send a live link to any smartphone via SMS, eMail or by shooting a QR Code, which will open your app on your phone so you can try out each app function as you create it.

Publish Your App and Enjoy!

Now you’ve come to the best part! Publishing your app to the markets.

As you are building your app in the AppMakr platform you’ll get a working live preview of all the functions. After you’ve fallen in love with your app, you can publish it to the markets with a single click.

All apps instantly go live in our own Native Android market, and as an HTML5 Mobile Website - that’s right, instantly. Your customers and fans can start using your app the very same day. If you choose one of our paid distribution plans, then your app will simultaneously be submitted to the Google Play Market, Apple’s iTunes App Store and your choice of our other premium app distribution partners around the world.

If you wish, any app you make with AppMakr can be published under your own Developer Account and your own brand. Now all you have to do is add “app developer” to your resume and you’re all set.