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The New App from Clear IAS Is Changing the Classroom

Clear IAS’s new app just stormed past 100,000 downloads in the Google Play store. Here, we give you the low-down on its features, its future, and how it’s making education more accessible for thousands in India.

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Google Drive’s App Monopoly

Internet giant Google stands head-and-shoulders above its rivals — how does it maintain this dominance over the search world? And what, if anything, can new developers do to challenge it?

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tikrit pharmacy

Tikrit Pharmacy College is AppMakr’s Mobile App Of The Week for July 19th – 25th, 2015

The Tikrit University College of Pharmacy aims to prepare a generation of specialists in pharmaceutical sciences to supplement health institutions with Ollaqh competence in Pharmacy. They also encourage medical studies in the fields of manufacturing of herbal medicines and other medicinal plants. First of all, all content here is in the Arabic language. With AppMakr’s […]


In App Purchase Ads Will Increase Your Profits

The worlds of app install ads and direct marketing are on a collision course. As a colossal battle rages between the social media titans, only one thing can be certain: savvy digital marketers will reap the spoils of war.

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Why Buzzfeed’s News App Could Be Its Best Idea Yet

Buzzfeed is largely known for headlines like “21 Life-Changing Dating Tips” and “Identify Your Ideal Disney Prince.” But with the recent launch of its news app, Buzzfeed is trying to target the more serious reader. Will this app fizzle out, or create even more buzz?

civil portal

AppMakr names Civil Portal PSR as Mobile App Of The Week for July 12th – 18th , 2015

The Civil Portal PSR app was created for the Alumni association of the Department of Civil Engineering of PSR college in India. The Department is committed to produce competent Civil Engineers. They also provide various technical services to the society for the Civil Engineering related problems. This mobile app is aimed to offer the association […]


U.K. Misses Out on New Facebook App

Facebook’s new photo-sharing app Moments is being withheld from the European market because of privacy concerns. The social network is obviously in a league of its own, but developers of smaller apps should take note as well.


Eso II Tajamar is AppMakr’s Mobile App Of The Week for June 21st – 27th, 2015

The Eso Tajamar app was created for the parents and students of Tajamar College in Madrid, Spain. Tajamar is open to all who desire the kind of education it offers, without any discrimination for ideological, religious, social, economic, race or birth reasons. This app will provide parents of students the help they need to improve […]