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The Siri welcome page.

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 9

Earlier this summer, Apple released a preview of its latest operating system, iOS 9. This new system’s updates are subtler than those of iOS 8, but still significant.

A group of runners in a marathon.

The Five Best Apps For Runners

You wouldn’t run with sneakers that only partially fit your foot, so why use a running app that only partially fits your needs?

A person holds a mobile phone whilst using a laptop.

Transitioning From Desktop to Mobile

More and more users are performing web searches on their mobile devices and not their desktops — and business owners should start paying attention.

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Hanzle’s Garden is AppMakr’s Mobile App Of The Week for August 9th – 15th, 2015

Hanzle’s Garden will throw you a perfect wedding reception, fit only for your unforgettable and once in a lifetime day! They offer a wide array of services for all different kinds of events. They also provide a large banquet hall, capable of holding events such as weddings, birthday parties, business meetings and more. This mobile […]

Simon Cunningham/flickr

How to Crowdfund Your App

If you’re a Shark Tank fan, you’ll know that an investor’s main concern is whether there’s demand for a product. So test the waters with your mobile app idea by holding a crowdfunding campaign. But before you get started, here are some tips to get it right.


AppMakr names BoogieMan as Mobile App Of The Week for August 2nd – 8th, 2015

DJ Boogieman is recognized among the most influential DJ pioneers of Chicago’s nightclub, radio and dance music industry. Today Boogieman continues to amaze dance music crowds with his live vinyl record turntable action and trendsetting music video DJ mixing performances. The BOOGIEMAN app has a link to his Full site and also his social media […]


These Development Mistakes Could Cause Your App to Fail

It can be hard to get a foothold in the wild landscape of app creation. In 2012, TechCrunch summarized a Nielsen study on app use, which found that the average smartphone user limits their app count to about 41, and the majority of the chosen products are from big companies like Apple and Google.

Alberto G./flickr

The New App from Clear IAS Is Changing the Classroom

Clear IAS’s new app just stormed past 100,000 downloads in the Google Play store. Here, we give you the low-down on its features, its future, and how it’s making education more accessible for thousands in India.


Google Drive’s App Monopoly

Internet giant Google stands head-and-shoulders above its rivals — how does it maintain this dominance over the search world? And what, if anything, can new developers do to challenge it?

tikrit pharmacy

Tikrit Pharmacy College is AppMakr’s Mobile App Of The Week for July 19th – 25th, 2015

The Tikrit University College of Pharmacy aims to prepare a generation of specialists in pharmaceutical sciences to supplement health institutions with Ollaqh competence in Pharmacy. They also encourage medical studies in the fields of manufacturing of herbal medicines and other medicinal plants. First of all, all content here is in the Arabic language. With AppMakr’s […]