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A recently sold house

Sold! Real Estate Goes Mobile

For real estate agents, tapping into the mobile market by creating your own app can boost leads and streamline your business, which means you can focus on closing.

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Playing to Win: Why Your Team Needs a Mobile App

From pickup games to the big leagues, managing the logistics of a sports team can be a tedious and time consuming process. Utilize the power of a mobile app to keep your eye on the ball, not the paperwork.

A screen of apps

5 Signs that Apps Have Gone Mainstream

Penetration rates and sales are soaring for smartphone companies, but you don’t need to know the numbers to see that mobile apps have gone mainstream — just take a look around.

Pixel Fantasy/flickr

3 Great Ideas for Education Apps

Apps in the classroom are great tools for both educators and parents who are looking to boost the value of their children’s education.


If Kanye Really Is Deep in Debt, Kimojis Might Get Him Out of It

Since Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered in 2007, Kim has put her name on a fashion line, a line of fragrances, and a book of selfies. But her most successful products are only available on the App Store — and they may be helping her hubby Kanye West in a big way.


5 Advantages of a Subscription-Based App Building Platform

Even after you’ve envisioned what your app will do and who it will help, another huge question is how you’re going to bring it to life — here’s why subscribing to a DIY app-building platform might be your best bet. Apps can take one of two development roads: the first is paying a lump sum to […]


How to Build an App for Your Small Business

In today’s tech-obsessed world, running a successful business depends on engaging customers on their home turf. Every company today, no matter how small, needs an app to compete — here’s how to build the perfect one.

William Iver/Unsplash

How to Build the Perfect App

Creating the next big mobile app means keeping your end goal in mind throughout the building process. Here are some simple design tips that will help increase the chances that your next app is a smash success.


Why Every Band Should Have an App

Creating an custom app for your band can amplify your visibility, helping you build a wider audience and create more meaningful connections with your fans.