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Promote Your Arts Program With a DIY Mobile App

Art enthusiasts are a passionate bunch! Tap into that passion to create an engaged community with a AppMakr4TheArts mobile app.
Running or participating in an art-based organization is a tireless job. In addition to performing, planning events, and inspiring and delighting countless patrons, you need to remain in constant contact with your loyal fans and supporters. Innovations in technology, from the computer to the smartphone, make it easier than ever to connect your audience to the art they love. Many galleries, museums, and theaters are creating mobile apps to help them promote their programs, solicit donations, and manage their communications. However, hiring an app developer can be a time-consuming and prohibitively expensive for tight budgets. With AppMakr4TheArts, we’ll help YOU create your own app, start to finish, without needing to know how to write any code. And we’ll do it for free.

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Creating a Custom App for Your Arts Program Is Quick And Easy

You control the content based on your needs and wants. The available features are displayed in a visual interface; you simply drag-and-drop the elements you want. With an app you build yourself, you can replace several other tools you might be using, including an events calendar, submission forms, newsletters, photo streams, social media, and much, much more.

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Affordable, Flexible, and Fully-Customizable

Your imagination is the only limit to creating the ideal app for your organization. With our tools, it’s simple and quick to add new features and elements. We provide all the help and instruction you’ll need to build exactly the app you want. You can create apps for free, if you allow us to run unobtrusive ads within the app. If you’d like to avoid showing your users ads, they can be removed for a few dollars per month. Other features or increasing how many devices your app may be installed on may also be purchased.

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A Mobile App Can Help You Focus on the Important Things

AppMakr4TheArts mobile apps are perfect for orchestras, theaters, art galleries, museums, dance troupes, music ensembles, street performers, college/university arts departments, community performance groups, and more.
Building a FREE app with AppMakr4TheArts app building machine is so simple that even the stuffiest docent could build one in about 30 minutes. So what are you waiting for?
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