Socialize Is Here: Unleash the Community Within Your App

Today, AppMakr launches a new feature: Socialize. We're really excited about this one, and we think it'll be a gamechanger in bringing social back into mobile. But before we get ahead of ourselves, an introduction:

Socialize adds a social overlay to the existing app-making framework. It outfits creators with a set of tools so they can understand and connect with their app users. Think of it this way: within each and every app, there's a community of users. Those users have never been able to socialize with each otheróit's as if everyone is in a big room but the lights are off. With Socialize, we're "turning the lights on" to unleash the community that's been hiding in the app.

The Socialize layer will automatically be built into every app made using AppMakr starting later this month. We have over 150 apps that are launching the Socialize functionality with us over the next few weeks. Already, you can download Celeb News, one of the first apps made using AppMakr with the Socialize layer that's live in the iTunes app store today.

We are demoing Socialize through an unofficial SXSW Guide app we've made using AppMakr.

OK, OK, get to the specifics already, right? Right.

For Your App Users

Users can now engage with your app's content on a deeper and more social level. Socialize gives them the power to:

  • like and comment on articles, blog posts, images, audio, and videos
  • follow the activity stream of other users within the app
  • track their own footsteps across the app

Socialize promotes a social community with your app, but users can still share to the outside world by:

  • sharing media to outside networks such as Twitter and Facebook
  • emailing their favorite content to friends

For App Creators

Socialize is a great monitoring tool. Discover what content works best with your audience as you track likes and comments. Apps made/updated with Socialize will bubble up the best content to the top of the main page, so users will always see your app with its best foot forward.

Best of all, Socialize engages your audience. Because it taps into a social network mentality, your app becomes a two-way street of communication and interaction. That's priceless for anyone with a personal brand, running a small-to-medium business or who just wants to strengthen their app community.

You can also read case studies, stories and testimonials from many AppMakr users discussing how Socialize will revolutionize their apps.

The Big Picture

Socialize turns data into information. User preferences become patterns, which become trackable trends that inform the next step. What users like, share and comment on all feed into a larger map of user activity.

Then Socialize slices and dices raw data for the app creator. Itís more than just tracking downloads and sessions. In-app activity becomes transparent, which is useful for understanding a demographic or advertising potential. It aggregates and packages usage trends on the big-picture level. App creators can see their audience in an entirely different way.

What are you waiting for? Start building your app with Socialize now! Or see Socialize in action by downloading AppMakr's free, unofficial SXSW 2011 app.

Under The Hood: How Socialize Works (2 videos + Pics)

Watch this video showing Socialize in action!

[vimeo width="394" height="700"][/vimeo]

And here's a video of us making the SXSW Guide in 14 minutes, compressed into just 2 minutes:

[vimeo width="681" height="383"][/vimeo]

Here are screenshots of the SXSW Guide app running Socialize:





Here's a transcript of the video:

Socialize Is Here: Unleash the Community Within Your App
Daniel Odio

Hi itís Daniel with AppMakr!

Iím going to show you some really revolutionary new functionality that weíre just about to launch. Itís called Socialize, and itís a social layer that weíre putting into every app thatís made by AppMakr.

Let me show you what I mean:

The way Iím going to show this is off is through an app that weíve made called the ďUnofficial SXSW Guide.Ē We made this app using AppMakr and, like any app that uses AppMakr it has various pieces of functionality. This is an HTML tab here, thereís also RSS for example, but hereís whatís really special about AppMakr now that it has Socialize in it.

Youíll see that some bits of information peak on every piece of content, well thatís Socialize.

Let me show you what I mean: at the bottom we overlay some information; How many views this story has had, the ability to like, the ability to make a comment on this story, so Iíll say, for example, Iíll say ďnice story.Ē I miss-spelled it but you get the idea. And also, youíre able to share, for example share on Twitter or share on Facebook or share in e-mail.

Now, thatís all well and good and itís a great thing that most apps donít have. To be able to get the social layer started and also if someone else comments on this article, I can see everybodyís comments here.

But hereís whatís really really special about Socialize: If I swipe up, I go from a comment-centric view to a community-centric view. So now I have an activities stream showing all of the comments and all of the activity happening in this app. This does not exist today. The idea of swiping up on the tabs so that you go from the content to the community is really revolutionary and this is how we are solving the problem of the interest graph. What I mean by that is, there are a lot of people that share an interest in, letís say, SXSW in this case. Now, they can start socializing together.

For instance, this user ďDelicious OrangeĒ liked this story and so if I like the things Delicious Orange likes, I am able to get more information in detail on what theyíre liking and what theyíre commenting on. I can also get more information on this user by clicking on their photo. I can see all of their activity specifically right here.

So, this ability to go not just from a content-based view but to a community-based view is a really really powerful thing. Additionally I have the ability to see everything that I have liked, so this is like a favorites bucket. And I can also see my profile, I can edit my profile, I can see more details/ all the activity that Iíve had.

Thatís Socialize.

Now let me show you a little bit more about the capabilities of AppMakr because, AppMakr has really been maturing quickly as a platform.

Not only does it do RSS, it does full HTML with support for PhoneGap, so we can see, for example, that this is an HTML tab, this is an RSS tab here with Socialize peaking through. But also, thereís things like [GeoTweets,] this is a really great HTML tab that we made called GeoTweet. You can see whoís tweeting within a half-mile radius of where you are. And the ability to use the camera to take photos, so if I want to take a picture this is just a PhoneGap implementation. I can take a photo, (Iím not actually going to take it Iíll just hit ďcancelĒ and Iíll show you where all the photos show up, which is in this thread right here.) These are previous photos that Iíve taken.

So the ability to do these types of things with an AppMakr- literally making an app within a couple of hours or in as little as 15 minutes is a very very powerful thing, and now with Socialize in the app, you have not just the content but weíre starting to unleash the community thatís been hiding within every app.

The crazy thing here is, if 100,000 people have downloaded an app, itís like weíve been in a room but the lights have been off because we havenít been able to socialize together. Now that we have Socialize in the app, itís like weíre turning the lights on; weíre unleashing this community and giving them the ability to interact with not just the content, but start interacting with each other.

Hope you like that demo of Socialize, weíd love to have you build an app using AppMakr and give it a try yourself.


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  1. Jonathan says

    i'd like to know when "socialize" features will be release to public ?
    is it still in beta ?


  2. Raj says

    I am a Ning Network creator. Does this take our community away from us or dilute our own community with AppMakrs community?

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