Press Release: 6,000 downloads in a single day: Tim and Tom of TCGTE (The Complete Guide to Everything) used AppMakr to “go mobile,” in order to better serve their loyal podcast listeners.

On June 19th, 2010, Tim and Tom launched The Complete Guide to Everything iPhone App.  The popular podcast show, airing new episodes every Sunday at 6pm ET, is seeking to be the know-it-all stakeholder of information about any and everything.  Consistently staying in the Top 100 Comedy Audio podcasts, TCGTE has been going strong just over a year. It’s by far a popular podcast throughout the U.S. and the UK.

The TCGTE podcast had a number of loyal listeners that tuned in every Sunday, leaving a flood of flattering comments but, in the midst of them was one universal complaint: while new episodes are made available immediately through the iTunes desktop client, they can take up to a day to appear in the iTunes iPhone App.  The duo took a real hard look at that complaint, which led them to create an app using AppMakr and utilize the mobile landscape.  Tom commented, “We both are somewhat obsessive about keeping up with the newest developments in the mobile phone industry, so we were excited about the opportunity to create an app that would actually be useful. We've seen apps that have been functional and apps that have been useless marketing tools. We wanted ours to be the latter.”   He added, “The top priority was to create the app as a mechanism for people to stream the podcast as soon as a new episode becomes available or when they're somewhere without the capability to download a large file.  We also wanted people to use the TCGTE app more than once a week, so we included our blog and Twitter feeds, which are constantly updated, providing new content all week between episodes.”

Having an overall great experience with AppMakr and the app-making process, Tom said, “The first version of the app was made from start to finish in about 15 minutes. After it was approved and we saw how much our listeners were into it, we went back and added custom icons, improved RSS feeds and 15 minutes later we had version 1.1 submitted to Apple.”  Tim and Tom had a very specific goal when they were building their app, which was basically to make a one-stop shop for anyone who is a fan.  “This makes it way easier than going to 3 or 4 different websites everyday to keep up with everything we're doing,” Tom said.  He finished by saying, “Our app has been beneficial to us, because we have another point of contact with our fans, and it brands a few different things we're doing, which some fans may be unaware of.  It has turned out to be a great promotional tool for the show in general.”

The Complete Guide to Everything app created via AppMakr has accomplished more than Tim and Tom’s goals.  On June 24th, after receiving loads of attention-grabbing comments, Apple noticed and TCGTE app became a “Featured App” in Apple’s AppStore.  The first day of the feature and for the rest of the week, the app garnered a total of 6,000 downloads nearly everyday. This afforded a rise in the number of podcast subscriptions through iTunes and increased the download totals to over 40,000 thus far.

Download your free copy.

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