Cherry on Top: Branded Company iPhone Apps That Rock


Apps can do a lot more than waste multiple hours of our lives flinging birds into towers of wooden blocks. (Maybe if we treated them a little better, they wouldn’t be so angry. Poor little guys.) They can also do wonders to enhance a company’s product or service and, in doing so, overall customer experience. Brand loyalty, anyone?

Over at Mashable, they’ve tallied up a list of the 13 Best Branded iPhone Apps That Enhance Their Company’s Products. Here are few that stood out (besides the nearly half that were dedicated to getting more food—more quickly—into our faces. A worthy cause!)

1. Remember the time your mom gave you some bizarre reverse bathrobe for Christmas and you gave it away, only to learn these so-called “Snuggies” are wildly popular and retail for a whopping $14.95?!! With eBay mobile, you can scan an item for price comparisons online, where it pulls up all relevant products. Dang, you could’ve made a profit from those naked, blanket-less arms.

2. Chase Bank knows that people are serious about their money—serious about having it available to them as quickly as possible (happy hour waits for no man). So they’ve recently introduced Quick Deposit, which lets Chase customers deposit checks by taking a picture of the front and back, then confirming a few details about the account.  So payday equals more celebratory drinks and less scouring the city for an ATM. Win-win!

3. Ever noticed how what you think is “white” actually turns out to be “Ivory Marshmallow Angel Feather Creampuff?” The folks at Behrhave developed the ColorSmart mobile app, which lets you snap a picture for an identical color match. Furthermore, you can build a color palette around that match and even get the nearest store location to buy it. Your days of mind-numbing battles over whether you’re looking for “Rustic Rose Petal ” vs. “Ravishing Radish” are over!

Apps can be the cherry on top of a company sundae. There’s a ton of opportunity to give customers a little something extra beyond what’s already being provided to them. With photos, location-aware functionalities and user messaging—all of which are available on AppMakr—finding a relevant way to engage customers via mobile is easier than ever.

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