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400 beta

Beta O Fitness is AppMakr’s Mobile App Of The Week for November 2nd – 8th, 2014

Beta O Fitness is a premier fitness studio that is revolutionizing small group personal training. With their on-the-go mobile app, users can access their most important content sections like their Home Page where you can check out their Blog and Contact Information. Included in this app, is a link to one of their companion app, [...]

Tsahi Levent-Levi/Flickr

Should You Develop for Android, iOS or both?

Though the iOS platform has always been more profitable for developers overall, the iOS app approval process is much more strenuous than Android’s and does not necessarily provide access to a larger audience or more flexibility in design.

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Phil Roeder/Flickr

Bundle Up: Make Money by Bundling Your Apps

App bundling is a growing phenomenon in the Japanese mobile app marketplace, but how does this new market work? And will the craze extend beyond Japan’s borders to the U.S.?

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Intel Free Press/Flickr

Better Apps Mean Better Battery Life

Looking to develop a new app? You better have the answer first to an often forgotten yet enduring consumer question: Why on earth is my battery already dead?

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Viva Toro

AppMakr names Viva Toro as Mobile App Of The Week for October 19th – 25th

Viva Toro is Brooklyn’s only mechanical bull destination, serves up Mexican and Latin-Caribbean favorites, signature drinks and a side of unbeatable entertainment— a mechanical bull. Situated in a rustic warehouse on Berry Street, VIVA TORO’s timbered ceilings, and exposed brick walls lend the feeling that the restaurant could have been there for a century, though [...]


Beat the Crowd: App Advertising

In a highly saturated market with an idle target audience, how can you get your app to stand out and find success against the odds?

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