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Your Restaurant NEEDS a Mobile App

Still think your restaurant or cafe doesn’t need a mobile app? Fun fact: 16% of all Starbucks transactions are now being conducted through their app — less than two years after its introduction.

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Google Makes it Clear: Mobile Websites Rank Higher

Google’s Webmaster Tools recently issued a critical warning to websites that present problems to those trying to gain access via mobile search, effectively stating that mobile-optimized sites will earn higher Google search rankings.

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Mobile Is the #1 Priority for CEOs in 2015

Recent surveys indicate that mobile technologies will become the main focus of CEOs over the coming year. Let’s take a look at how app developers can best take advantage of the mobile revolution across a wide range of industries.

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Monetizing Your App: Banner or Native?

By delivering a more organic user experience and better returns, native advertising is increasingly gaining better traction than banner advertising. This method, however, is not without its pitfalls.

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Harra Abad

AppMakr names Harra Abad as Mobile App Of The Week for February 8th – 14th, 2015

Harra creates the newest concept in fashion trend in India which promises to give you a different perspective in style. Their Cotton bud logo signifies a mark of quality and excellence. No wonder they are the only one in this category to be awarded with ISO 9001:2000 certifications: the ultimate mark of quality. The Harra […]

Dan O’Brein/Flickr

The New OnStar and the Future of Connected Cars

The “connected car” is coming, forcing us all to consider: what makes for an ideal app experience behind the wheel? How do we make that experience safe, but still usable? GM’s recent OnStar enhancements could give us a sneak peak.

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FCC Tells ISP’s: Get the Party Started!

The Internet just took another big step towards real freedom! The FCC has declared it will release a paper declaring that the nation’s Internet Service Providers are “common carriers,” bringing us ever closer to net neutrality.

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VW Power Holland

AppMakr names VW Power Holland as Mobile App Of The Week for January 25th – 31st, 2015

VW Power Holland is a cozy club for Volkswagen car enthusiasts in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. First of all, some content here is in the Dutch language. With AppMakr’s mobile app builder, you’re able to make apps with various languages such as Arabic, Turkish, Simplified or Traditional Chinese. The VW Power Holland app provides access […]